Nutrition Visit
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Nutrition Visit

Before Your First Visit:

Prior to your initial consultation, you will receive two sets of forms which are to be completed prior to your visit along with a food log to help gather a starting point for your health journey. These forms will look at: your individual goals, health and personal history, and food intake. It is important to look at all aspects of your life in order to create a detailed, customized nutrition plan for you.


The Initial Visit (60 Minutes):

The nutritionist will sit down with you and discuss your health history as well as your food log. During the initial visit you will receive some basic recommendations to start implementing right away, but a secondary appointment will be booked one week later to get your full report. This allows the nutritionist time to go through everything discussed in the initial consultation, and put together an in-depth report for you.


Report of Findings:

At your second appointment you will receive a report of findings which includes dietary, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations. You will also receive a meal plan to help you get started. After the second appointment, follow-ups will help you stay on track and allow the nutritionist to make changes suited for you.

For more information on Natural/Holistic Nutrition: